Cottage Core Fantasy Mushroom Scrunchie

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Live your cottage core fantasy with our newest mushroom sketch crystal infused scrunchie! All of our mushroom scrunchies are infused with amethyst and every mushroom scrunchie comes with a surprise mini mushroom crystal.


Amethyst is a stunning purple member of the quartz crystal family. Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra and promotes spiritual awareness, and inner peace, and relieves stress and anxiety. 

Amethyst frequency: 32,876 kHz

About Our Scrunchies

All of our crystal infused scrunchies are handmade with only high-quality fabrics and strong elastic. Our classic size scrunchie is a bit on the large size and works great for thicker hair or can be double looped for thinner hair.

We use genuine crystal chips so that your scrunchie is still lightweight, (but we add enough so you know they're there)!