"Love Yourself" Satin Scrunchie

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The Self Love Satin Scrunchie is the perfect accessory to help you manifest your dreams into reality. Made with luxurious rose quartz crystal infused satin, this scrunchie is gentle on your hair and provides just the right amount of grip to keep your ponytail or bun in place all day long.

As you wear your Self Love Satin Scrunchie, let the energy of the rose quartz crystal infuse you with its properties of self-love, self-esteem, and happiness. The crystal's gentle pink vibration will radiate through you, reminding you of your own inner beauty and worthiness. When you love yourself, anything becomes possible. Manifest your destiny with the help of your new Self Love Satin Scrunchie!


Rose Quartz

This pale pink crystal is part of the quartz family. Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra making it the crystal of love and promotes self-love, joy, compassion, and emotional healing. Rose quartz is a great crystal to have on you at all times because who doesn’t a little more self-love and joy?!

Rose Quartz frequency: 350Hz


About Our Scrunchies

All of our crystal infused scrunchies are handmade with only high-quality fabrics and strong elastic. Our classic size scrunchie is a bit on the large size and works great for thicker hair or can be double looped for thinner hair.

We use genuine crystal chips so that your scrunchie is still lightweight, (but we add enough so you know they're there)!